miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013


Esta chica es Chloe, y es la it girl mimada del momento! Su pelo de diferentes colores nos enamora <3
Nació en Los Angeles, y actualmente vive en NY.
No solamente es modelo, sino que también es una gran amante de la música. Antes de descubrir su vocación por la moda, se dedicaba a tocar en distintos lugares como DJ.
De espíritu libre y fresco....
Acá la tienen :)


Chloe is the fashion industry’s newest wild child. With her signature candy colored hair and effervescent personality, she’s slowly but surely climbing the ranks to top model.
LA born and NY based, Chloe is no stranger to travel. Her career began in Tokyo three years ago — an experience that found her falling in love with the city’s next level street scene and over the top fashion — where she was sent to model but ended up finding more work DJing than behind the camera. She’s since travelled the world, posing and strutting in all the major fashion capitals, and although her resume is still in its beginning stages, she’s managed to captivate the industry as a whole. Catch one glimpse of this free spirited beauty and you’ll be left wanting more.


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