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Anna Dello Russo es editora consultora y creativo para Vogue Japón . Dello Russo nació en Bari , y actualmente reside en Milán .
Se describe a sí misma como un "apasionado de la moda", y ha sido descrita por Helmut Newton como una "maniaca de la moda". Dello Russo a menudo aparece en la famosa calle de estilo, blogs como The Sartorialist y Jak y Jil . Ella ha confesado es propietaria de más de 4000 pares de zapatos.

En noviembre de 2010 hizo una nueva fragancia llamada Más allá, con la botella en la forma de un zapato.
El 4 de octubre de 2012, Dello Russo lanzó una línea de accesorios a través de su colaboración con el gigante sueco de la moda, H & M .
 La colección muy esperada comprende joyas, equipaje, gafas de sol e incluso un sombrero de plumas adornado.
Anna Dello Russo is the editor at large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She spent 18 years at Condé Nast Italia as Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia and serving as Editor of L'Uomo Vogue from 2000-2006. Anna was born in Bari, and currently lives in Italia, Milan. She is described as a "passionate fashionista" and has been described by Helmut Newton as a "fashion maniac". Dello Russo is often featured in popular street style blogs The Sartorialist and Jak & Jill. She is said to own over 4,000 pairs of shoes and she has two apartments, one in which she lives and the other is for all her clothes and shoes. She wears three different outfits a day and adores jewelry because it makes your look personal. Like her famous fruit fascinators made by Philip Treacy which are everything that Anna is. Anna is wild, loud and endlessly amused. Where most fashion editors are said to be po-faced and restrained, Anna is giggly and flamboyant. Where they are elusive and exclusive, she is as omnipresent as she can be, and inclusivity is her religion. Where they are tight-lipped and mysterious, she blogs, twice a week, for five hours at a time, about anything that takes her fancy. Anna began gaining a public profile in 2006, via Sartorialist.com where Schulman made a regular feature of Dello Russo and her extravagant style. Dello Russo (catchphrase: "I don't want to be cool. I want to be fashion") makes a point of faithfully recreating designer looks precisely as they are shown on the international fashion-week catwalks. She likes gold brocade trimmed military coats with absurdly flouncy skirts and matching gold wedges; feathery Jason Wu cocktail dresses, pink cat's-eye sunglasses and glittering explosions of Balenciaga ballgowns. As daywear and through Schulman's site, ADR(Anna Dello Russo)gained a fan base and a pretty big one to. Anna Dello Russo was always interested in fashion. She was obsessed by it. Her first realization was when she suffered from what she joyfully refers to as her "sickness" when she was 12. "My father say: 'What you want for a gift?' I say: 'One set of Fendi.' He say: 'OK, let's go to the shop.' I say: 'Is not bag, is set. Which means: bag, wallet, scarf, umbrella… All matching.' My father say: 'Where you go with this umbrella? Here, is not raining!' I come from south of Italy. He say: 'Where you go with this?' I say: 'I go to the school!' He say: 'With your umbrella?' I say: 'Yes! This is part of the look!'" Anna lives and would probably die for fashion she is a true Fashionista like she says " I dont want to be cool.I want to be fashion" she lives only for VITA(life) & MODA(fashion)


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